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Lead Janitor



Under general supervision, the incumbent serves as lead worker in overseeing an assigned shift of Custodians in addition to performing the full range of duties of a Custodian.   The Lead Custodian serves as a liaison between Custodians and supervisors, providing input on performance evaluations and disciplinary matters.  Incumbents may be assigned to a specific work area and are expected to perform heavy manual labor and work unusual hours. 


Job Description:

The Lead Custodian is the advanced journey-level classification in the Custodial series.  This classification is distinguished from the Custodian by a greater degree of responsibility and latitude of judgment.   The Lead Custodian is responsible for lead worker duties not held by a Custodian, including ensuring the readiness of custodial staff and equipment, demonstrating safe work practices, maintaining an inventory of supplies and equipment and providing input on performance evaluations and disciplinary matters.  This position is distinguished from the next higher-level classification of Custodial Supervisor in that the latter holds full supervisory responsibility for a staff of Custodians and Lead Custodians.


Examples of Duties:

Any one position may not include all the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all the duties which may be performed.  Incumbent may perform other related duties at the equivalent level.

Leads the work of an assigned shift of Custodians; oversees and provides instructions to Custodians; clarifies information when requested; ensures readiness of Custodians and cleaning equipment; train employees on custodial work procedures; demonstrates to Custodians safe work practices and the correct operation and usage of equipment.

Performs custodial and general maintenance work and property care in and around Port facilities, including offices and public areas.

Cleans and maintains floors and carpets; washes walls, woodwork, mirrors and other building areas; uses manual tools or mechanized equipment to sweep, vacuum, mop, shampoo and wax furniture, woodwork, floors, hallways, stairways and other areas as assigned.

Cleans restrooms; unplugs toilets with plunger; removes chewing gum; replenishes supplies.

Cleans and replaces lighting fixtures; replaces light bulbs.

Washes windows, tops of windows, doorframes and other elevated areas with the use of ladders.

Gathers and disposes of trash and waste in and around facilities, according to guidelines; sweeps outside areas and sidewalks.

Handles and moves furnishings and other objects in order to clean and preserve them.

Checks out and moves cleaning supplies to and from designated areas; returns supplies or discards supply containers in accordance with oral and/or written instructions and guidelines.

Receives incoming supplies and tracks inventory; requests needed items from supervisor to perform duties prior to depletion of inventory.

Notifies supervisor of need for repairs of equipment or facilities; ensures equipment is clean and in working order.

Assists with the preservation and security of facilities by locking doors and windows; notifies supervisor, management or police of unusual or suspicious activities.

Politely responds to general questions from Port staff, tenants and the general public; provides directions or refers individual to the appropriate office for further assistance; resolves a variety of routine work-related problems such as employee concerns and/or public complaints; refers complex problems to supervisor. 

Uses hand-held radio/telephone communications equipment to receive assignments, change orders and report work status activities or emergencies; holds responsibility for checking out, maintaining and returning assigned equipment during scheduled work shift.

Establishes schedules and monitors work of Custodians; completes basic logs and reports on work progress and tasks assigned to custodial staff, including any work not completed.

Provides input to supervisor on performance evaluations and disciplinary matters.

Reviews written training materials, department policies and safety procedures, as needed.

Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.


Minimum Qualifications:


This position requires a combination of education and experience reflecting possession of the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.  A typical combination would include any combination equivalent to:

Education: A high school diploma or equivalent, AND

Experience: Three (3) years of experience performing custodial work at a heavy traffic facility with a high degree of public interface.  Experience working at a passenger facility is preferred.   


To perform the typical tasks and duties of the position successfully, the knowledge, skills and/or abilities listed below are required.

Knowledge of:

  • Methods, materials, chemicals, tools and equipment used in custodial work.
  • The use and disposal of hazardous materials specific to cleaning compounds, solutions and chemicals.
  • Safety laws, rules, methods and procedures pertaining to custodial work.
  • Port policies and procedures relating to the work performed.
  • Airport, FAA and TSA rules and regulations. (If assigned to the Airport)
  • Basic principles of customer service.
  • Basic principles of supervision.

Ability to:

  • Assign, lead, monitor and assess the work of subordinates.
  • Perform a variety of custodial tasks required in heavy foot traffic areas.
  • Understand and follow oral directions and guidelines.
  • Read, understand and follow written directions, equipment manuals and warnings on labels for various cleaning agents, solvents and other equipment
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written format with subordinates, supervisors, Port staff, the general public, and others contacted in the course of work.
  • Explain, demonstrate and clarify information and instructions to others within established policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Train employees on custodial work procedures.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, supervisors, Port staff, the general public, and others contacted in the course of work.
  • Respond in a timely manner to general questions and routine work-related problems.
  • Learn and apply minor building maintenance and repair procedures.
  • Learn and apply specific methods of cleaning facilities with office furniture and other objects.
  • Exercise care and sound judgment in the performance of assigned duties.
  • Perform work from ladders and in places elevated from the ground as well as in confined areas and areas close to the ground.
  • Operate motorized sweepers and scrubbers specific to custodial duties.
  • Perform routine repetitive tasks on a continuous basis.
  • Work irregular hours in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Complete basic logs and reports on work progress and tasks assigned to custodial staff.
  • Physical ability to lift, carry, and relocate a variety of objects weighing up to 50 pounds and move wheeled equipment weighing up to 150 pounds.


Additional Requirements:

Must possess a valid Operators driver's license at the time of and for the duration of employment.

Must be available for on-call duty as required in emergency situations or as required for uninterrupted operations.

Must be willing to perform shift work on a 24-hour basis including weekends and holidays.

When assigned to a secure facility, may need to pass a criminal history records check prior to being considered.


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